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Why do dogs wear raincoats on rainy days?

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Why do dogs wear raincoats on rainy days

10595738051_3047779431, short-haired dogs or shaved dogs need to keep warm;

2, prevent skin diseases, moist environment easy to breed bacteria;

3. Keep your dog's hair clean.

In the past, the tradition is to put on a raincoat for the dog to prevent rain, but the traditional raincoat is usually made of PVC material, although it can prevent rain, but the breathability is not good, if the dog exercise is relatively large, the body is easy to heat, so it often happens to tear the raincoat.

When buying a raincoat, pay attention to what kind of opening and closing method is. The way of holding the buckle and the way of pulling the lock are relatively strong, and the Velcro is easy to lose viscosity because of the card hair after a long time. The only downside to snaps is that they are not completely waterproof because there may be gaps between the fabric and the fabric. The way of locking is the best waterproof, but be sure to choose a good workmanship on the side of the car, and it will not get stuck to the dog's coat when it is pulled up.

Cape style: It is convenient to wear and take off, but there is no wrap for the belly and four legs, and the dog is easy to get wet.

Conjoined four-legged type: the strongest encapsulation, but the length is not adjustable, may be wet when urinating. On the one hand, it is necessary to carefully measure the dog's body, and on the other hand, it is necessary to choose as many brands as possible.

Split four-legged type: more convenient to wear and take off.



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