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Reverse Umbrella

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Traditional umbrellas, the umbrella surface wetted by the rain is on the outside, it will wet the floor when taken into the house, and the clothes will be wet when the umbrella is next to the body; when getting on and off the door, the traditional umbrella is inward and will get stuck It is inconvenient to splash rain into the car door.

The new generation of hands-free reverse umbrella completely liberates your hands and is specially developed for mobile phone parties, moms and car families. It is no longer a problem to hold children, take things and play mobile phones on rainy days! ! !

The double-layer high-density impact cloth can be dried as soon as it is thrown away, giving you an extra layer of sunscreen to balance wind and lightness.

The middle rod has a non-traditional smooth design, adopts carbon fiber material 11 hydraulic process shaping, concave and convex design greatly increase the overall firmness.

The umbrella frame is made of all-fiber material, which has high rust resistance, durability and high toughness. The joints are tied together with fixing caps to firmly fix the umbrella bone, umbrella frame and middle rod. It has excellent wind resistance and is durable!

Safety switch rubber paint C-shaped handle, delicate touch, excellent touch, ergonomic principle, comfortable and non-slip.

8 pieces of digital printing on the umbrella surface, the pattern is clear, beautiful and beautiful.



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