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Are There Any Good Or Bad Fiber Umbrellas For Umbrellas

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With the development of society, the products are constantly updated, and the umbrella industry is no exception. Today we focus on the fiber umbrella bone.

Since the 1960s and 1970s, most of the umbrella skeletons we use are made of iron bones and steel bones. Some of the high-end umbrella frames are useful. The characteristic of steel bone is that it is easy to embroider. Although aluminum bone is light, it is easy to break, which is not strong enough and durable.

With the continuous upgrading of products, more and more umbrella frames now use glass fiber, which is the glass fiber umbrella bone we will talk about today. Compared with the steel and iron bones, the umbrella bone made of glass fiber has the characteristics of no rust, high temperature resistance, wind and rain resistance, and the umbrella frame made is not easy to break. Durable.

The raw material fiberglass yarn of the fiber rib determines the quality of the rib, and the fiberglass yarn has low, middle and high quality.

There are three grades of fiber yarn: soil yarn, high alkali yarn and medium alkali yarn.

Tulle: The umbrella skeleton made with this material is of low grade, and the umbrella fiber is easy to break. Many unscrupulous merchants cut corners to buy soil gauze in order to refill it well, and use unrecognized laymen for profiteering. After using this kind of umbrella, you will find that the umbrella bone is easy to break.

High-alkali yarn: The ribs made are strong, elastic and tough, and will not crack. They can pass the non-toxic test and compression test. Umbrella skeletons for high-end umbrellas are usually produced with this high alkali yarn.

Mid-alkali yarn: The characteristics will be relatively soft, suitable for short umbrella accessories.

According to the size of the umbrella, the thickness of the fiber used is different: the conventional thickness of the fiber bone is 6.0MM 5.0MM, 4.5MM, 4.2M, 4.0MM, 3.5MM, 3.2MM, 3.0MM, 2.8MM, 2.5MM, 2.0MM, etc. Wait, the coarse cost is generally higher than the fine. This is why the price of high-fibre umbrellas is also high and low. The cost of thicker fiber bones will be higher, more materials will be used, and the umbrella bones will be heavier and relatively strong. Customers should also pay attention to the thickness of the fiber bone when buying fiber umbrellas. And the quality, the surface of the fibrous bone is usually better.

Umbrellas use high-alkali yarns to produce fiber umbrella bones. The fiber bones for golf umbrellas are 5.0MM / 4.0MM fibers. They pass 100% of Japanese quality test requirements. They meet international standards in terms of robustness, wind resistance, and toughness.

Fiber bone can be made into various colors such as white, black, red and so on. Can meet the different needs of guests.



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