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How to choose a reliable raincoat manufacturer to customize raincoats?

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1. Quality of raincoats: It is essential to choose a raincoat supplier that provides high-quality raincoats. The quality of the raincoats they offer depends on the materials used, the manufacturing process, and the construction of the raincoats. 

2. Product range: The supplier should offer a wide range of raincoat styles and sizes to cater to your needs. A good supplier will have a variety of options that can cater to different customer needs. Shanghai Liyu International Trading Co., Ltd. has a wide range of raincoat styles and colors to choose from.

3. Pricing: Cost is a crucial factor when choosing a supplier. Compare prices from different suppliers and find one that offers quality raincoats at an affordable price. 

4. Delivery time: Choose a supplier who can deliver the raincoats within the desired timeframe. Late delivery can cause a significant impact on your business. 


5. Services: Apart from the product quality, a good supplier should offer excellent customer service. Check whether they are responsive to your queries, feedback, or complaints. We have professional staff to provide you with the best service in the first time.

6. Reviews and reputation: Look for customer reviews and speak to their existing clients to know more about their services. A supplier with positive reviews and an excellent reputation is more reliable. 

7. Certifications: It is important to choose a supplier that adheres to industry standards and has the required certifications to prove it. Make sure the supplier meets all regulations and safety requirements.



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