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Inverted Reverse Umbrella with C-Shaped Handle, Windproof Double Layer Upside Down Car Rain Umbrellas for Men Women

Handle Material:
Main Shaft:
Main Frame:
What's special about the umbrella?1.Our umbrellas are reversed open-close design.2.C-shape handle, your wrist can through the umbrella handle, free your hands.3.Double-layer design, hidden umbrella ribs, Never worry about hair getting caught in the umbrella bone.You use for sun protection while on a mobility scooter at theme parks. The handle makes it easy to hold and still drive the scooter. The patterns are beautiful, the colors are vibrant and they work well to provide both shade and rain protection. Double layer design keeps you dry and protected from the wind.C-shaped handle is a game changer - no more struggling to hold onto everything while trying to stay dry!The handle feels nice, and the umbrella appears to be strong AND it has an opening around the edges to let any strong wind through with its dual-layered design.Sweet gifts for Christmas and New Year's Day.
  • LYUF-230005A

  • Liyu

  • HS:660191000


Inverted Reverse Umbrella with C-Shaped Handle, Windproof Double Layer Upside Down Car Rain Umbrellas for Men Women


· [C-shaped Design ☂] Cross the C-shaped handle over your arm, made your hands free for holding a bag, mobile or something else in the rain.Convenient hands free umbrella helps you multi-task your busy life! This inside out umbrella's C shaped handle slides onto your wrist making giving you access to both your hands. No more fumbling with doors or cellphone with this awesome reverse umbrella.

· [Reversed Design ☂ ] Fold the top 'wet' layer into the under 'dry' layer when you step into your car or store or wherever, which prevents water dripping, keeping floors and cars dry.The inverted umbrella design is the perfect addition to your rain gear. The special reverse folding design keeps the rain on the inside of the umbrella.

· [Stand steadily ☂] The eight steel ribs of the frame are transformed into eight legs upon contracting the umbrella, stands up on its own when closed, convenient for you to place.This cute umbrella is not only reversible it is windproof

· [Non-automatic Open ☂] Go in or out of buildings or cars, you can simply click the embedded button to open and close the umbrella in a limited space.

· [Ideal Gifts ☂] Sweet gifts for Christmas and New Year's Day.We carry both solid colored and patterned double layer inverted umbrellas. Our fun styles include: Blue Sky, Yellow/Pink/Blue Flower, Galaxy Lights, Polka Dots, Animal Prints, and more. These different patterned umbrellas are the perfect accessory to anyone's outfit on a rainy day.


  • It allows you to open the umbrella with the door cracked so you don't get wet!! Or getting in the car. Door is open, umbrella keeping you and the car dry. Close the umbrella, shut the card door and lay it on the floor of the car.3E6F3F7F-4A62-4b1c-92B5-110E5BAA9EAA

  • The C-shape design of the handle allows you to carry this large umbrella with ease. Whether you're making a grocery trip, checking your phone, or holding your little one, you'll stay protected and hands-free.The upside-down design keeps you and your belongings dry when you're out and about, and the C-shaped handle lets you grab a coffee cup or phone while walking in the rain.




Product Name
Inverted Reverse Umbrella with C-Shaped Handle
Handle Shape
C-Shaped Handle
Handle material
Frame material
Inverted Umbrella
Specific uses
Car Umbrella
Reverse Umbrella with the Perfect Combination of Style and Function
Well-made and beautiful umbrella, large enough to cover multiple people.Your Shield from Rain and Sun, Forever Weather-Ready.
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    We will update new styles regularly for SS/AW. If new styles arrive during the year,we will share. If you have own design plans,they can provide us with artworks and we will provide a development sample for free within 12 days.
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    PVC Rain Boots:1000pairs
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