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Waterproof Adult Wellington Mid-calf Outdoor Adventure Shoes Men's Rubber Boots

The outdoor boot series is designed for jungle, canyon, outing, or camping activities. Adapted to hiking long distances outdoors. Outdoor shoes are characterized by mid-calf boots, which have strong support and can effectively protect the ankle and lower leg to reduce injury. Use wear-resistant rubber for outsole. The overall vamp is waterproof, which can ensure that you walk on water or in the rain. The so-called trekking of the outdoors, that is, it is inevitable to encounter the situation of wading forward, shoes into water or long walking so that the sweat of the feet soaked the shoes, is a very uncomfortable thing, seriously affecting the mood of travelers. So you must choose outdoor shoes with waterproof and sweat performance.
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Waterproof Adult Wellington Mid-calf Outdoor Adventure Shoes Men's Rubber Boots

For a long distance traveler, a longer period of outdoor life can expose you to a variety of complex climates. In the rainy travel, a pair of outdoor shoes without waterproof function, not only very heavy after soaking, but also due to the increase of friction, very easy to injure the foot, if in the cold season, but also easy to frostbite, so a pair of good quality outdoor shoes, should have good water resistance. 

People choose shoes in daily life always strive to fit, but they need to leave a margin when choosing outdoor shoes, because the foot will expand when walking long distances. If the shoes are just right, the foot will have a tight hoop feeling after expansion, which is not conducive to the relaxation of the foot. 

In addition, the complex terrain is uphill and downhill, when people go downhill, the pressure of the body's center of gravity and the reaction force of the ground often make the feet rush forward, and the right shoes will tighten the toes, and the toes will be painful for a long time, or even injured.



How do you measure your feet?

Stand on a piece of paper with your heels against the wall. Mark the length of the foot on the paper and measure the distance to the heel of the paper. You just need to check the foot length, we have included room for growth in the size table.

Wellington thigh-high outdoor adventure boots
Rubber outdoor rain boots are suitable for all kinds of places
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    We will update new styles regularly for SS/AW. If new styles arrive during the year,we will share. If you have own design plans,they can provide us with artworks and we will provide a development sample for free within 12 days.
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  •              Low Moq
    PVC Rain Boots:1000pairs
    Rubber Rain Boots: 500pairs
    POE/Polyester Umbrellas: 1200pcs
    PU/Polyester Rain Coats/Ponchos: 500pcs
    PVC/EVA Rain Coats/Ponchos: 1200pcs



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