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Men's PVC Labor Protection Boots High-top Safety Shoes Non-slip And Thickened Sole Anti-puncture

Men's safety PVC rain boots outdoor labor protection shoes, steel head anti-smashing boots, steel head anti-smashing, steel foot protection, focus on worker safety protection. Safety boots can be used in industrial manufacturing, petroleum and petrochemical work, mine construction work, firefighting work and so on. The protective boots are embedded with steel plates to protect your feet and allow you to work with confidence. Safety boots made of PVC material, a variety of excellent protective properties, waterproof, anti-slip, wear, corrosion, acid and alkali resistance. Wide toe design, large space does not squeeze feet. Non-slip design, wear resistant, comfortable to wear. High boots increase the protective area, anti-collision heel design, can be worn for a long time.
  • LYSP-230255M

  • Liyu

  • HS:6401929000

Men's PVC Labor Protection Boots High-top Safety Shoes Non-slip And Thickened Sole Anti-puncture

Three features of safety boots: pressure resistance 1500daN anti-smashing steel head; Anti-puncture sole, wear-resistant, anti-slip; PVC material, wear-resistant, waterproof. 

The toe is reinforced to protect the toe, the front and back of the shoe body is anti-collision design, and the sole is thickened to prevent puncture. 

Three-dimensional shoe type, internal and external material upgrade, in line with the shape of the human foot design, the boot body is made of rubber material, the boot sole is thickened and non-slip line treatment, the three-dimensional thickened edge, the shoe inside the sweat absorption brocade cloth. 

Products suitable for fields including: coal mining, engineering, smelting, chemical, electricity, cleaning, agriculture, fisheries and other production and life safety fields. 

We do everything we can to keep you safe.



How do you measure your feet?

Stand on a piece of paper with your heels against the wall. Mark the length of the foot on the paper and measure the distance to the heel of the paper. You just need to check the foot length, we have included room for growth in the size table.

Men's Safety PVC Rain Boots Outdoor Labor Protection Shoes
Black PVC high top safety boots, waterproof, shock-proof, anti-static, anti-puncture.
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    PVC Rain Boots:1000pairs
    Rubber Rain Boots: 500pairs
    POE/Polyester Umbrellas: 1200pcs
    PU/Polyester Rain Coats/Ponchos: 500pcs
    PVC/EVA Rain Coats/Ponchos: 1200pcs



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